Tegra 4 devices may not be available until August

Dan Graziano
BGR News

NVIDIA Tegra 4 Release Date
NVIDIA Tegra 4 Release Date

NVIDIA (NVDA) announced its next-generation mobile processor at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The Tegra 4′s performance was demonstrated in the company’s own Project Shield gaming console, NVIDIA still hasn’t set a firm release date. During a conference call with financial analysts on Wednesday, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed that Tegra 4 shipments will begin towards the end of the second quarter.

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“We ship Tegra 4 starting in Q2 [of fiscal 2014],” the CEO said, according to XBitLabs. “Although it is in the latter part of Q2, it is going to be in Q2.”

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NVIDIA’s second quarter spans from May to July. If the Tegra 4 is shipped in the latter part of the quarter it could mean that smartphones and tablets equipped with the chip may not be released until August,when Qualcomm’s (QCOM) and Samsung’s (005930) new processors will also be available.

During the call, the executive reaffirmed the release date for Project Shield, which is also slated for the second quarter.

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