Teenagers rescue another teen at Arcadia Lake

EDMOND, OKLA (KFOR) — A 17-year-old was saved at Arcadia lake over the weekend after two teenage girls jumped into action. The two teenagers said they were shocked no one else stepped in quickly to help in the water rescue.

“Nobody helped us because there was tons of adults out there. We’re just two girls trying to keep him, like, you know, afloat,” said Kensey Banner who helped rescue the teen.

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A hot Friday afternoon in the sun took a turn when Kensey Banner and Brianna Alston heard someone needing help.

“Not even about 10 minutes after we had gone to the water, we had heard a young man screaming like help– he was like frantic,” said Banner.

That’s when they jumped into action.

“That’s when one of our friends, like, threw a floatie so that we could, you know, keep him afloat,” said Banner.

The two eventually got the young man back to land.

“I’m glad that we were able to get to him in time before he actually went underwater,” said Banner.

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Two teenage heroes needing help from others, but said no one stepped up to the plate, until a retired lifeguard ran over.

“She started asking him questions. And then that’s when another man came. But still, nobody had called 911 or anything. So I was yelling like, call 911. He needs help. Call 911. Nobody had called 911,” said Banner.

Edmond Police at the lake confirmed a call was made around 4:30.

They said the teen was sent in an ambulance to the hospital.

“I can’t even imagine how scary that was for him to must to be,” said Banner.

The two heroes now want to remind others before going out on the water.

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“Always make sure you know there’s people around that you can trust or maybe even somebody that could help if something went down,” said Brianna Alston who also helped rescue the teen.

Police were unable to confirm the teenage victim’s name at this time or how he’s doing.

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