Teenager shoots at cars while shouting ‘I don’t like white people in my hood’, police say

A black teenager shouted “I don’t like white people in my hood” before chasing four people with a gun and firing multiple shots at them, according to court documents.

Cincinnati Police said 18 year old Devonta Allen was filmed firing three shots at the alleged victims, hitting the two vehicles they were in but missing everyone inside.

Three of the people involved in the incident were white and the other individual was African-American, according to a criminal complaint.

After turning himself in, Mr Allen admitted to the shooting but claimed the alleged victims were armed and fired at him first.

However, police said: “This and other statements made by Allen are inconsistent with the videotape evidence and statements from the victims and witnesses.”

The incident initially started because of a stolen car, according to police.

Video of the confrontation has reportedly not been released because it is considered evidence in court.

Cincinnati Police said the incident was filmed in the neighbourhood of Kennedy Heights, Ohio, on 25 July.

Despite Mr Allen’s alleged outburst, local people said they did not think the teenager lived in the neighbourhood.

“I’d never seen him before and I don’t know who he was friends with,” a neighbour, who chose to remain anonymous, told Fox 19 news channel.

Although no one was hurt, Mr Allen faces four counts of felony assault over the incident and is being held at the Hamilton County jail.

His attorney reportedly said in court that the teenager has no adult record but understands how serious the charges are.

A judge has ordered him to be held on a $480,000 (£396,000) bond.