Teen speaks out after road rage incident leaves her with broken nose

Teen speaks out after road rage incident leaves her with broken nose

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — A terrifying story of road rage is now under investigation after an Oklahoma teen said she was the victim of an angry driver. She has a broken nose and video to prove it.

19-year-old Marriah Hooks was on her way to work on Tuesday morning, when she and another driver crossed paths. Shortly after, they came face-to-face when the other driver got out of his car.

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“I made my mistake by getting out of the car as well,” said Marriah Hooks, a victim in a road rage incident.

Hooks was driving down I-240 heading to work.

“He got into the fast lane in front of me again, cutting me off. So I just kept driving, not paying him attention because I’m not thinking it’s going to escalate any further,” siad Hooks.

She said the driver behind her was tailgating.

Hooks said she got off at Sunnylane Road. The other driver followed her.

Moments later, he got out of his car.

She got out of her car and a heated exchange began.

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Hooks said the man punched her in the face, breaking her nose.

“I’m running away from this man by myself. Blood coming out of my nose, out of my mouth, like I was just scared,” said Hooks.

“The way her face looked…like he could have killed her with his hands if he would have to hit her a few more times,” said Roaslind Savoid, Marriah’s mother.

The police report showed the other driver took off, but the family still wants answers.

“I want him found. It’s not fair to me. I don’t deserve this,” said Hooks.

“Who feels like they can just go around and do what he did?,” said Savoid.

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Marriah admits she should have kept on driving and not confronted the other driver.

Officials at AAA Oklahoma agree and said if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, drive to a police or fire station for safety.

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