Teen organ donor's family set to meet family of boy who received his heart

The family of a 13-year-old organ donor will meet the boy who received his heart and turned a tragedy into hope for both families. On January 5th, 2020, Jack Martin died by suicide. A year before the loss, Martin made a video with his sister, talking about his love for his mom, Liz Martin. “How do you feel about your mom?" his sister asked. "I like cuddling with her," he responded. At the time of his death, his parents, Liz and Paul Martin, invited Heather Leigh into their home to share his story. “How do I go from a conversation to one of the most devastating moments of my life," Liz asked in 2020. A few days after the tragedy, Jack gave life to 6 other people — 7 of his organs were donated, and a 6-month-old baby in Georgia was one of the recipients. But, it’s a boy in Virginia that received the ultimate gift, Jack’s heart. At the end of 2020, something remarkable came in the mail—a letter from that boy’s mom, Cheri Snyder.