Teen Girl Evicts Family After Being Asked To Give Up Bedroom To Pregnant Stepsister For Shed

A teenage girl has gone viral after sharing on the social media website Reddit that she is evicting her family, including her pregnant stepsister.

The girl, who goes by the name “NoMoreAdvantage,” shared the story on the r/AmITheAsshole forum on Reddit. The unnamed teenager revealed that she shares the home, currently owned by her half brother (from her mother’s side), with her father, stepmother and stepsister. The latter is now six months pregnant.

She shared that the house has three bedrooms, with her having a larger room than her stepsister and her own bathroom. The teenager noted that her parents warned her that her stepsister’s boyfriend would soon be moving in as the baby’s due date approached, and they would require more room for the three of them. She said her family suggested that she would have to store her belongings in the shed and sleep on the couch at night.

The teenager said she spoke to her half brother, who agreed it was absurd.

“I asked him if he can just evict my parents, so I don’t have to deal with my step mom and stepsister anymore,” she wrote. “My brother suggested that I move in with him so that I won’t live there when they serve the eviction notice, as he was worried that they would blame me and it wouldn’t be nice if I was living there.”

She added that the boyfriend eventually moved in, and she moved in with her half brother as they were served the eviction notice.

“So just about a week ago, my stepsister’s boyfriend moved in as well. I have now moved in with my brother, and they have been served the eviction notice, which is two months,” she wrote. “My dad, stepmom and stepsister have been calling me nonstop, asking me to convince my brother to reconsider and calling me heartless. My step sister texted me saying I’m the biggest a**hole she’s ever met because I’m making her homeless at the peak of her pregnancy, and it’s her baby that I’m punishing.”

Whether she came to Reddit for moral support or feedback, people have voiced their support for her decision to evict her family. Over 6,000 people have upvoted and commented on the popular post. The overwhelming support she received was beyond her expectations, Meaww reports.

“[Not the a**hole] Your brother is no relation to your dad or stepmother, so the only reason he even let you guys live there was for you,” a Reddit user commented. “If they aren’t letting you live in the house, he has no reason to let them stay and could be making a lot more money with other tenants, so it’s actually to his benefit to eviction them. They made choices that were bad parenting, and now they’re paying for them. Their choices, their problem. Not yours… ever.”


“[Not the a**hole] The family is taking advantage of your brother and keeps moving more people into the house he OWNS. I am assuming nobody pays rent. It is your brother’s right to evict them. Maybe your stepsister should take responsibility for herself and the unborn baby. I can’t believe these people wanted to put you in a shed,” another Redditor wrote.