Ted Lasso star Juno Temple on who's really 'the one' for Keeley

ted lasso season 3 brett goldstein as roy, juno temple as keeley, phil dunster as jamie
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Ted Lasso spoilers follow.

Ted Lasso just wrapped up its third and final season, and brought to an end the long-running love triangle between Keely Jones (Juno Temple) and romance rivals Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) and Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster). Kind of.

Following an altercation between enemies-turned-friends Roy and Jamie, they go to visit Keeley and invite her to choose between them. The Apple TV+ show ends with Keeley choosing neither and all three agreeing to remain friends with each other.

Speaking to Deadline, Temple reacted to the storyline's ending, stating: "I think it's gonna make them better.

ted lasso season 3 brett goldstein as roy, juno temple as keeley, phil dunster as jamie
Apple TV+/Colin Hutton

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"It's gonna make Roy a better coach, and it's gonna make Jamie a better player, ultimately.

"Through that, there's gonna probably be a few more squabbles, but there's gonna also be a lot of respect and an incredibly strong friendship. Keeley knows that for sure, she's known since the beginning."

Having said that, when asked if Roy was actually "the one" for Keeley, Temple replied: "Yeah. I think so."

brett goldstein, juno temple, ted lasso, season two
Apple TV

While some fans may be disappointed not to have Keeley make a decision, Temple said she believes it is the best thing for the character.

"I think she chooses to be the independent woman that she needs to be so that she can really listen to her heart and allow that to be her guide when she feels she's stable and unstable in her workspace and in her thought space," she explained.

ted lasso juno temple as keeley

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"She doesn't hate [Roy or Jamie] or judge them or anything like that. She just goes, 'Get out and go figure out. Like, I'm not gonna fix this. You guys know how to handle this.'

"And I think that's something that I love about her too. She needs her heart. I think that's where people fall in love with her as well. I fell in love with her.

"I think that that triangle is also an incredible support system that actually, hopefully, they'll all be in each other's lives forever."

Ted Lasso streams in full on Apple TV+.

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