Ted Cruz And Other GOP Senators Announce Bill To Give Trump $25 Billion For Border Wall

Republican senators led by Ted Cruz introduced a bill aimed at funding Trump’s border wall. The WALL Act would give the government $25 billion toward construction and would be funded by what supporters call “loopholes” in the current immigration system, according to the Hill.

“I have long called for building a wall as a necessary step in defending our border and stopping the flow of illegal immigration into our country. The overwhelming majority of Texans and Americans want to see the border secured,” Cruz said in a press release. “The WALL Act would fully fund the border wall by closing existing loopholes that provide illegal immigrants with federal benefits and tax credits, without affecting the benefits and tax credits used by Americans.”

The proposal was introduced by four Republican lawmakers including Ted Cruz, a senator from Texas, Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, John Kennedy from Louisiana, and Mike Rounds, a senator from South Dakota.

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