Technical difficulties during NJ Lottery Pick-4 drawing Thursday evening. Recheck tickets

Don't throw away that lottery ticket!

A technical difficulty with a New Jersey Lottery machine during the Thursday evening draw has resulted in two sets of winning Pick-4 numbers.

"All of the balls did not release into the chamber before a winning number was selected, resulting in an incomplete draw," NJ Lottery said on Friday. The machine stopped working properly after the first two numbers were drawn. Those numbers were 8826.

NJ Lottery used a second machine that worked without incident and the numbers drawn were 8782.

The lottery announced it would honor both sets of numbers.

However, winners of the second set of numbers will need to mail in a claim form to the New Jersey Lottery with their tickets. The claim form can be downloaded from the lottery website at

The Fireball, which was drawn from a separate machine, was 2 on Thursday night.

The New Jersey Lottery used its secondary machine for Friday's midday drawing while they work to correct the issues with the primary machine.

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