This Stop-Motion Super Mario Bros. Takes the Cake

Ben Silverman
Games Editor

No wonder Mario is so chubby.

Alongside pro cake decorator Jami Behrens, YouTuber GamerboyMedia turned the Mushroom Kingdom into a spectacular four-tiered cake, and then turned that into a stop-motion run through World 1-1, the famous debut level from the original Super Mario Bros.

It’s all here, and it all looks delicious. The Goombas are cupcakes, the blocks are made out of peanut butter, cake pops stand in for mushrooms, stairs are brownies, and it ends with a jump to a gingerbread castle. Here’s hoping Mario isn’t diabetic.

The final animation is super impressive, even nailing little details like that awesome hidden 1-Up block about halfway through the level. According to this fascinating behind-the-scenes video, it took the team over a week to get it all right.

I hope GamerboyMedia will keep making these. I’m pretty sure the princess is in another cake.

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