Some Wonderful Fool Has Figured Out How to Kanye-fy Your OS X Desktop

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology

Kanye West is all around us: iPadding it up in Vogue, parlaying with paparazzi in Paris, and sometimes, when we’re lucky, offering his sage advice on Twitter. And now everyone’s favorite bombastic rapper can exist on your desktop as well. 

(F.A.T. Lab)

An intern at Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) Lab has found a way to replace all her OS X Dock icons with the many expressions of Kanye West. And we all know how vast that canon is. Take, for instance, Kanye in nerd glasses, or surprised Kanye, or — my personal favorite — Kanye in what appears to be a homemade ski mask.

The result is an omnipresent Yeezus operating system, an OS Ye.

It’s a bit of a complicated process, but if you know your way around the Mac’s Terminal app, you can follow the instructions right here. Technically this can work for any floating heads you’ve created in Photoshop, opening the floodgates for many opportunities, like OS T. Swift or OS Middleton. 

Just don’t expect to remember which face stands for which program.

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