Runner Draws Dogs, Strippers, and Genitals Using Nike+ App

Yahoo TechAugust 6, 2014
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A San Francisco runner has turned her local streets into a canvas to “draw run” pictures of strippers, dogs, and parts of the male anatomy using Nike+.

Claire Wyckoff, a copywriter and voiceover artist, first started transforming her runs into artistic creations in June and has since set up a blog to share the work she is most proud of.

Using GPS tracking, Wyckoff runs pre-planned routes that are then mapped through the Nike+ running app.

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An alien from the game Space Invaders. (Wyckoff)

Wyckoff claims she is “just trying to save the world” through drawings that include a corgi dog, a Space Invader, and Slimer from Ghostbusters. For the most part, however, Wyckoff likes to draw male genitalia.

“It probably goes without saying, but they’re super hard,” Wyckoff said on Twitter.

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Slimer from Ghostbusters. (Wyckoff)

One “draw run” is a 3.16-mile middle finger dedicated to a friend of Wyckoff’s who suffers from cancer.

“This run is for Ashleigh Blumer Kohlitz,” Wyckoff wrote in her blog. “It’s called ‘f**k cancer.’ Your west coast friends are thinking of you today. Thanks for giving me an excuse to run a middle finger.”