North Korean Internet Downloads: British TV, Angry Birds, Porn

Yahoo Tech

North Korean Internet user Kim Jong-un. (EFE)

Apparently North Koreans love downloading porn, just like you! According to BitTorrent monitoring site Scan Eye, people in the tightly controlled country downloaded a bunch of British television shows, video games, and, obviously, some porn within the past two years.

The report, which was initiated by the UK’s The Telegraphnewspaper, shows only downloads from 178 computers that were all located in Pyongyang. The downloads included Angry Birds, Tiny Troopers, British shows like Top Gear and “Japanese and American pornography.” One download was even for HBO doc Manhunt: The Search for Bin Laden.

Since access to the Internet is as rare as achieving happiness in North Korea, who are these downloaders? Martyn Williams, the owner of the North Korea Tech Blog, told the Telegraph that he thinks it’s foreigners visiting the country’s capital, since they are allowed to access the full Internet for a fee. He added that “the shows being torrented seem unlikely to be hits in North Korea, and they are so varied they appear random.”

But another blogger, Sebastian Anthony, said he thinks it’s “totally possible” that the downloads are coming from regular North Koreans. “It is probably the easiest way to get them into the country,” he said. “It is probably people working at big offices, governmental agencies, universities, et cetera. It could also be just one or two people downloading lots of stuff; it is hard to say.”

This article originally appeared on Betabeat