Jerry Seinfeld Hints That ‘Seinfeld’ Might Be Headed to Netflix

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
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Not unlike one of Kramer’s spirited pops into Jerry’s apartment, the “Seinfeld” TV show could soon burst onto Netflix.

In his second Reddit AMA interview in six months, Jerry Seinfeld tipped as much, saying, “These conversations are presently taking place.”

Seinfeld’s comment was in response to a redditor asking, “Any word on Seinfeld coming to Netflix?” followed by a plea of ”please convince Larry [David] to let [‘Seinfeld’ on Netflix] happen.” The show’s star and co-creator gave the above answer and called the inquirer a “smart and progressive person.”

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This sounds all well and good to us and we certainly hope it happens, but wouldn’t “Seinfeld” on Netflix feel a little more “modarn” than” progressive,” Jerry? And by that, we mean the news of “Seinfeld”landing on Netflix would fit perfectly inside a tweet from @seinfeld2000, the popular, glitchy-English Twitter account devoted to “imagening” what the show that first aired 25 years ago would be like today.

It’s not as if Seinfeld (the real comedian, not the character in the show) isn’t aware of @seinfeld2000’s work. In the same AMA Reddit interview, Seinfeld admitted his kids are “very excited” about the new "Seinfeld"-themed iPhone emoji, which launched this week and is the brainchild of @seinfeld2000’s creator. But Seinfeld added that his kids ”tried to get them, and they couldn’t.” He concluded, “There is some problem with the emojis.”

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We’d like to take this opportunity to make ourselves available to be Jerry Seinfeld’s technology assistance website.

Jerry, please see our blog post explaining how to use Emoji - Seinfeld Edition and feel free to tweet us (@YahooTech) if you have any additional questions. In return, all we ask is that you keep us updated on this very exciting “Seinfeld”-to-Netflix situation.

Sure, select episodes of the show are available to stream on, the same site that’s home to Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” But we want to know when we’ll finally be able to pack away our huge, pain-in-the-neck “Seinfeld” complete series DVD collection in favor of effortless Netflix streaming. Because what’s the deal with changing all those discs, anyway?

Correction: An earlier version of this story playfully mocked Jerry Seinfeld for using the plural “emojis” instead of “emoji.” The Associated Press style guide was edited in March 2014 to recognize “emojis” as the preferred plural of emoji.