Teardown Reveals MacBook Pro Retina Display Secrets

Stan Schroeder
June 19, 2012

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After tearing down Apple's new Retina MacBook Pro last week, iFixit has now gone a step further and disassembled the device's Retina display itself, revealing some really clever engineering on Apple's part.

Again, the display itself is nearly impossible to repair on your own -- in case of a part failure, you'll likely have to replace the whole thing. The fact that the folks from iFixit, who have a lot of experience disassembling gadgets, managed to break the panel, attests to that.

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However, being one millimeter smaller than the display of the previous model, and packing four times the pixels, the Retina MacBook Pro display is truly a marvel of engineering.

The display is also exceptionally thin, thanks to smart thinking from Apple's engineers. "Apple did not design and build a 1.5 mm thin LCD panel. They did, however, do something exceptional with the design of this display: rather than sandwich an LCD panel between a back case and a front glass, they used the aluminum case itself as the frame for the LCD panel and used the LCD as the front glass," claims iFixit.

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Check out the entire teardown over at iFixit. And for a full walk-through of the new MacBook, check out the slideshow below.

MacBook Pro With Retina Display

The MacBook Pro With Retina Display is Apple's new flagship MacBook, boasting a quad-core processor, flash drive configurable up to 768GB and an ultra-high-resolution display. It performs extremely well, but carries a high price tag. It's also curiously different from its MacBook Pro cousin in some ways.

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