I-Team: Hopkins runways had to be shut down Thursday

CLEVELAND (WJW) — As the snow fell Friday, the Fox 8 I-Team investigated how the weather affected Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

The I-Team learned the weather led to the airport being shut down Thursday morning with all runways closed. A spokesperson said the storm had not had an unusual impact on travel.

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The I-Team confirmed all runways were shut down from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. Friday.

The Airport said no commercial flights had to be diverted during that time. But, one charter flight ended up having to go to Detroit and come to Cleveland later.

The I-Team has reported on issues before with snow-clearing at the airport and flights being diverted. So, the I-Team asked about the overall impact of this latest snowstorm with flights in and out of Cleveland.

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Hopkins spokesperson Michele Dynia said, “We’ve seen some minor delays and cancellations which is not uncommon for an event like this. If you look at a weather map, you’ll see that this storm is hitting the east coast, as well. So, it’s not just weather in our area that’s impacting flights, it’s other airports as well.”

The Airport also said it had all of its snow-clearing equipment available except for one plow out of service.

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