Which team has the priciest tickets in the NFL? How expensive are the Dallas Cowboys?

According to SeatGeek, the average ticket for an NFL game is $331, but which teams have the most expensive tickets?

Sidelines, a sports betting company, analyzed average ticket prices for each team in the upcoming NFL season while also looking at the average income of teams’ home states to figure out which had the priciest home-game tickets.

The Dallas Cowboys had the most expensive average home-game ticket in the NFL, which cost fans $245 on average. The second highest expensive ticket belonged to the Philadelphia Eagles with a price tag of $226.56.

When state income was factored in the Green Bay Packers had the NFL’s priciest ticket at $204.11 which accounts for 17.7% of the average weekly wage in Wisconsin. The Cowboys take second, with their tickets accounting for 17.36% of the average weekly wage in Texas.

The cheapest home-game tickets belong to the Houston Texans with an average price of $64.13 which is 4.5% of Texan’s weekly wage.

The Dallas Cowboys open up their season on the road against the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football on Sept. 10.