Taylor Swift mania coming to Gardner Cinemas - how to get tickets

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Fans who missed out on seeing Taylor Swift perform during three sold-out shows at Gillette Stadium in May will soon have a chance to experience the tour that became a phenomenon – albeit on the silver screen.

Gardner Cinemas will screen Swift’s “Eras Tour” concert movie for at least two weekends beginning on Oct. 13, according to co-owner Chris Daigle, who said there was a demand for tickets immediately after the film’s release was announced.

“The first day we put tickets up for sale was pretty crazy – we sold a lot of tickets and received a lot of calls and questions,” he said.

Taylor Swift performs for a sold-out crowd at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.
Taylor Swift performs for a sold-out crowd at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.

Release of 'Eras' concert movie took theater industry by surprise

The announcement of the film’s release was unexpected, according to Daigle.

“It was a surprise to all of us in the industry,” he explained, adding that Swift’s team worked directly with the AMC movie chain to set up the film’s release. “Even the big distributors didn’t know (this movie) was coming.”

Theater-owners wishing to screen the movie had to agree to certain guidelines, including the pricing of tickets, Daigle said. An adult ticket will cost $19.89 and tickets for children and seniors will cost $13.13. To the uninitiated, these might seem like arbitrary prices, but Swift fans immediately recognized the significance of the numbers – the singer was born in 1989 (which is also the title of one of her albums), and has revealed that 13 is her lucky number.

Daigle admitted he did not understand the odd pricing request at first.

“I know what it means now after talking to some of the kids that work for me,” he said.

From left: Sophia Meany, Cora Goguen, Amelia Newton, and Anna-Clara Dagostin
From left: Sophia Meany, Cora Goguen, Amelia Newton, and Anna-Clara Dagostin

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Local fans counting days until movie's release

Several of Swift’s local fans were looking forward to the chance of experiencing the concert, even if it won't be a live performance.

“Honestly, I am really excited because this will be the first Taylor Swift thing I’ve ever seen,” said Anna-Clara Dagostin of Westminster.

Amelia Newton of Gardner will be seeing the movie twice because she immediately purchased tickets for a screening at another theater before she heard that the movie would be showing in Gardner.

“Of course I want to see it twice because I really wanted to go to the actual concert in person, so I think this is the next best thing,” she said. “I want to soak up every moment.”

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“Personally, I think Taylor Swift is wonderful,” said Cora Goguen of Winchendon. “She takes words and turns them into poetic verses, and it’s just so awesome to see this show.”

Sophia Meany of Gardner said she was counting down the days until showtime.

“And going to see it with my friends just makes the whole thing even better,” she said.

The theater will show the movie for two weekends, with an option to add two additional weekends if there is enough demand, Daigle said. The terms set forth by the distributor does not permit screenings of the film on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, with an exception for evening screenings on Halloween, he added.

Some box office analysts are predicting that based on ticket pre-sales the Grammy-winner's concert movie could score a $100 million opening weekend.

Taylor Swift mania has grown so immense that Gannett, which owns The Gardner News, is in the process of hiring a reporter dedicated to the singer for its Nashville-based newspaper. According to the job posting, the successful candidate will be a “driven, creative and energetic journalist able to capture the excitement around Swift’s ongoing tour and upcoming album release, while also providing thoughtful analysis of her music and career.”

This article originally appeared on Gardner News: Gardner Cinemas to show Taylor Swift concert movie