Taylor Swift fans don’t want to miss a second of her show — so some turn to diapers

George Walker IV/AP

Taylor Swift’s record-breaking Eras Tour has proved her fans are nothing if not resourceful.

To avoid missing even one second of the pop star’s three-hour performance, some fans said they have found an unexpected solution — adult diapers.

“The amount of stress and time it took me to get Taylor Swift tickets, I will be getting an adult diaper,” one fan said in a March 21 video on TikTok. “Because I’m not missing a minute of it.”

The fan said they bought an 18-pack of Depends, and would have 17 more available for fans in need at the Houston tour dates in late April.

“Hit me up for the adult diaper plug,” they wrote in the caption. Several fans praised the idea, with one even suggesting they sell the rest at the entrance.

“I’m not above anything,” someone said in the comments.

The fan wasn’t alone in the diaper idea, either.

One Swiftie posted a video of their friends getting ready for the much-anticipated concert with a diaper underneath their sparkly dresses.

“I’ve been waiting for someone to bedazzle Depends for their Eras tour outfit,” someone commented on the TikTok video.

On a Reddit thread dedicated to strategizing around which songs would be best for bathroom breaks, another fan said they planned to incorporate the diaper into their tour costume.

“That’s why I’m dressing as a sexy baby with a diaper and fish nets,” they said, referring to the “sexy baby” lyric from Swift’s song “Anti-Hero.”

Others, however, just offered jokes about the idea.

“No one knows I’m wearing a diaper for this,” one fan said in a caption on a video posted to TikTok that showed them at one of the opening tour dates in Glendale, Arizona.

“I WAS GONNA DO THE SAME THING,” someone said in comments on the post.

The video creator said they were only joking in the comments. “My mom and I thought this was the funniest joke,” they wrote.

And some just plain rejected the idea.

“I’m attending the Houston show and if Taylor can perform for 3 hours, I can hold it for the same time,” someone else said.

Another said they were more worried about missing a big surprise or announcement rather than songs that are on the set list.

Swift performs two different surprise songs per show, but the singer has sprinkled other significant surprises throughout the tour since it started in March, including performances with singer Phoebe Bridgers and rapper Ice Spice, along with announcing the long-anticipated release date for her re-recorded version of her album “Speak Now.”

“I know with my luck, if I go to the bathroom, she gonna have a big surprise and I’ll miss it,” they said.

For those who viewed the diaper as a bridge too far, one song in particular seemed to be the most popular choice for a quick bathroom break — because it’s 10 minutes long.

“I went at the end of (All Too Well [10 Minute Version])/ lol cause then I’m only missing part of a song instead of a [whole] song!” someone said.

Podcasters from the Chicks in the Office podcast said they heard the same idea online.

“If you go to the bathroom during one song, you might miss multiple,” one of them said. “You go to the bathroom during All Too Well, you’re only gonna miss a little bit of that song.”

The clip is titled “We’re strategically planning our bathroom breaks at the Taylor Swift Eras Tour.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if girls start making TikToks about, like, peeing in their seats,” one said while laughing.

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