Taylor Swift effect draws as many viewers to Super Bowl as 1969 Moon landing

Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs kisses Taylor Swift after defeating the San Francisco 49ers 2 during Super Bowl
Travis Kelce, of the Kansas City Chiefs, kisses Taylor Swift after the team's Super Bowl victory in Las Vegas - Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
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The Taylor Swift effect made this year’s Super Bowl the most viewed ever, with nearly as many people watching the NFL final as the 1969 Moon landing.

Some 123.4 million US households tuned in to watch the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the San Francisco 49ers in Sunday’s game, making it second only to the Apollo Moon landing, which drew between 125 and 150 million viewers in the US.

Last year, 115 million watched the Super Bowl, when the Chiefs took on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Taylor Swift was at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas to watch her boyfriend Travis Kelce, the Chiefs tight end, take home the trophy.

Swift attended her first Chiefs game in September 2023, prompting a media frenzy.

Numerator, the consumer research firm, concluded 20 per cent of the 2024 Super Bowl’s viewers were rooting for the Chiefs because of Kelce’s relationship with Swift after a flash poll.

Bob Bakish, the Paramount chief executive, told CNBC that Swift’s presence at the games “brought incremental value” and said: “I’m sure she hasn’t hurt ratings.”

Cameras at the event also enjoyed “the Swift effect” as the singer appeared on screen 12 different times by the end of the match.

Based on the cost of a 30-second advertisement during the game, Swift’s airtime was worth about $12.4 million (£9.7 million).

It is estimated that she has effectively generated an additional $331.5 million in brand value for the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL since the start of her relationship with Kelce, according to Apex Marketing.

There was much speculation as to whether the singer would make it to Sunday’s game as she performed a show only hours earlier in Tokyo as part of her ongoing Eras Tour.

On FlightRadar, a popular flight-tracking website, thousands of fans tracked her private jet from Tokyo to Las Vegas. The jet was listed as “VistaJet (The Football Era)” in a nod to the singer’s new love for the sport. She had a second jet alongside it named “The Backup Quarterback”.

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