Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris ‘On A Break’ From Whirlwind Romance?

Eek, after a whirlwind few months it looks as though Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have been welcomed back from paradise with a bang, with it being reported that the lovebirds are “on a break” to try and salvage their relationship.

We mean, we don’t know how this mystery source can be so in the know when it comes to TayTay and Calv’s love life, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, yeah?

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Speculation of all not being well in Camp Talvin kicked off a couple of weeks ago, when fans realised that the normally very public couple have avoided any of their usual displays of affection, with the duo not even being pictured together since they went out to dinner on August 11th.

That’s nearly two months ago.

And insiders reckon that things got way too intense for the famous couple, telling Grazia magazine: “The relationship went from 0-60 in a matter of weeks, so it was perhaps inevitable that things might come crashing down.

“Talk of them marrying freaked them both out, neither is ready and suddenly having all this speculation took its toll. Calvin has found the circus surrounding their relationship overwhelming.

“It was incredibly intense so they’ve taken a step back and are cooling things off.”

The source also reckons that TayTay was left less than impressed when her beau was papped leaving a cheap massage parlour on Sunset Boulevard, with it being said that the DJ enjoyed two hours at the Thai spa, where an hour costs just $40.

They explained: “Taylor was incandescent with rage when she saw the pictures and told him she wanted to break it off with him then and there. She felt humiliated that her boyfriend had been caught at such a seedy place.”

And it isn’t just Taylor who has her issues, with Calv being left equally peeved with his girlfriend for always being surrounded by her famous “squad”, the source continued: “It seems to bug him that her friends always appear to be around whenever they hang out.

“They both now see what a mistake it was to become so intense and public so soon. It’s a rough period right now, but everyone is hoping they pull through.”

You bet ‘everyone’ is, and we just hope that these two sort out their issues in time for Tay’s next adorable, and very Instagrammable, pool party…