Taylor Dayne Talks Friendship With RuPaul & Her Love For The Gays

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She's telling it to our hearts!

Taylor Dayne has entertained audiences with her classic songs like "Tell It to My Heart," "Love Will Lead You Back," "I'll Always Love You," "I'll Be Your Shelter," and many more since the 1980s.

Since her debut, Dayne has shown love and admiration to her passionate LGBTQ+ fans that still know every word to all of her songs.

"It was instant love. I was going to drag clubs with the greatest shows in London [and] Frankfurt. They do this better than me! They look better than me. God knows they got about 12 inches of height on me. As success came to me, [I had] the privilege of watching this community grow."

As she continues to release new music, including the latest rendition of her massive hit "Tell It to My Heart," Dayne will continue supporting her dedicated queer fanbase.

In fact, her new version of "Tell It to My Heart" with Cash Cash celebrates the 35th anniversary of the iconic song.

"[I have the] deepest friendships and my greatest loyalty of fanbase worldwide [is with the LGBTQ+ community.] It's really quite amazing. My music was always powerful and it delivers a message. There's a connection. I'm very proud of that."

One of Dayne's biggest fans to this day is none other than RuPaul. The LGBTQ+ icon has supported Dayne by interviewing her a handful of times and many queens on RuPaul's Drag Race have lip-synched to "Tell It to My Heart."

Plus, she even competed on the recent season of RuPaul's Secret Celebrity Drag Race and came in 8th place.

"When RuPaul calls me, I jump. I love him. He's obsessed with my music career. He's been such a fan. I've watched her career storm. I have history with these people. This is part of my legacy. They're part of my life and I'm part of theirs. It's wonderful that I've worked with this person on and off for 30 years."

Keep up with Taylor Dayne on her website here. To see the full interview, check out the video below.

Taylor Dayne Talks Friendship With RuPaul & Her Love for the Gays youtu.be