Taxpayer watchdog wants audit after high-income earners found in social housing

The Canadian Press

CALGARY - The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has discovered a high-income earner living in subsidized housing in northern Alberta for the last 12 years.

Alberta director Derek Fildebrandt says there are a number of cases where medium- to high-income earners were given housing intended for the poor by the Heart River Housing agency.

He says one of the tenants in the community of Drewville earned $112,000 last year and paid $750 a month in rent.

Fildebrandt says another person earning over $82,000 is also receiving subsidized housing, along with seven others with incomes between $46,000 and $56,000

The federation wants the Alberta government to audit the housing agency.

He says the agency is allowed to rent out vacant units, but he suggests the government should sell the buildings if they aren't necessary and put the money toward Alberta's deficit.

The information was obtained from a freedom-of-information request.