Taxi driver has invented car-like indicators for cyclists to reduce accidents


A London taxi driver has invented a special indicator system for cyclists in a bid to cut the number of accidents on the road.

The revolutionary system, called Signum, mimics car indicators using LED lights mounted on reflective straps that cyclists can wear on their wrists with a simple switch to allow them to signal.

Dad-of-four Gary Thatcher, who invented the Signum, said his ‘lighbulb moment’ had come after he had a near-miss with a cyclist while driving town the Mall towards Buckingham Palace late one evening.

He said: “The cyclist raised their arm but it was dark and they were wearing dark clothes and a dark glove, All I saw was the rear light move to the right. ”

The lucky escape prompted him to invent Signum.


Prototype - the indicator system is in final prototype stage (Pictures: Brighter Indication)

The LEDs flash at the same frequency as a car indicator and are designed to get the maximum attention from other road users.

Expected to retail at around £35, the straps are worn around each wrist and work when a trigger is squeezed in the left or right hand.

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“A hand signal from cyclists doesn’t always gain drivers’ attention, especially if it’s in their peripheral vision,” Gary said. “Similarly poor light or rain make it difficult for a hand signal to be seen.

“From the minute a driver passes a driving test they’re used to responding to a flashing amber light, and this is why we have created Signum.”


Signum mimics car indicators to make it noticeable

Gary’s company Brighter Indication is producing Signum, which is in its final prototype stage and a Kickstarter campaign is launching at the end of this month.

“There were over 21,000 recorded accidents on London’s roads in 2014, and it is estimated that twice this amount go unreported,” Gary said.

“My hope is that Signum will improve safety for cyclists reducing deaths and accidents throughout the UK.”