Tax Returns Have Romney in a Bind

National Journal Staff

The Obama campaign closed last week by poking Mitt Romney in the eye with an offer: disclose five years of tax returns and it will forgo any criticism for not releasing more.

The offer came in an open letter—clearly a stunt—and the Romney campaign declined. But the exchange did make a point. Romney’s stance on releasing more tax returns put him in a no-win situation, a curious move for a campaign in a tight race.

If Romney discloses more returns, he risks criticism over whatever devices he has used to lower his taxes and he stokes the rich guy image. It he withholds them, he fosters the idea that he’s hiding something—though it’s unlikely the returns contain anything illegal or improper—and allows the Obama campaign to keep flogging him.

The Romney campaign has said it is not disclosing more because that simply gives Obama more ammunition to attack him. They also argue there are more important issues to discuss, like employment and the economy. That’s all true.

The Obama campaign says Romney could end all this quickly with a disclosure, and that many other candidates have released more than two years of returns. That’s true, too.

Left unsaid, however, is that the Romney campaign has made a calculated – some might say cynical – decision that the issue of unreleased tax returns will not resonate with voters. And that means whatever is inside those returns just might.

—Glen Justice


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