How to Tap Into Your Inner Power

Pursuit of knowledge and the empowerment of others. Those are the principals Dr. LaNysha Tufuga Adams has dedicated her life to. The esteemed linguist has carved out her own niche in the world of education. Adams is the mastermind behind the award-winning education consultancy Edlinguist Solutions. There she has redefined the meaning of success, and especially success as a Black woman. Her journey, infused with passion and grit, has not only inspired countless individuals to look within for validation but also to turn those answers into transformative action.

Despite her Ivy League education, Adams has faced difficulty navigating the nuances of covert racism. In her book “Me Power,” the academic starts off with a poignant story about rejection, and how often, rejection can kill our dreams or fuel your passions. Adams says she chose the latter.

In her book, Adams explores the idea of tapping into limitless power, even when faced with steep external barriers. The author shares her personal experience of being discouraged by a professor who told her that “people like her” didn’t belong in a doctoral program. The interaction led her to question her abilities and internalize limiting beliefs. The book aims to help readers recognize their own power. It encourages using self-knowledge and principled action to overcome obstacles and create your desired life. Some of the main takeaways from the book include navigating oppressive situations, embracing autonomy and authenticity, and resisting victimhood.

Five Magic Principles

Embrace Your Barriers

As someone who experienced the barriers of race in higher education, Adams is a strong ambassador for embracing barriers. For Adams, embracing barriers allows a person to accept them as a part of who they are. This mindset shift allows people to stop viewing their barriers as limitations. Instead, you can see them as opportunities to charge ahead and face the brunt of the work ahead.

Focus On Your Strength

Adams preaches that honing in on personal strengths can be a way to fuel motivation and provide results. According to Adams, you are your greatest assets, and it is possible for a person to reach their deepest hopes and dreams by activating self-knowledge and principled action. These are important steps towards achieving goals and empowerment.

Speak for Your Life

Adams believes that Black women can reach their fullest potential when they take accountability for their narratives and speak up for themselves.

“The idea that others must empower us is a fallacy because we have the power to make changes in  our lives,” she wrote in her book.

Choose Your Guide(s), and Ritualize Your Reflection

These two principles piggyback off of each other. According to Adams’ book, for Black women to make sense of who they are in the world, they need to learn, unlearn, and relearn themselves in a way that builds the core of their identity. This is how a person learns the essence of who they are over time. In today’s fast-paced world, Adams argues that it is possible —and more effective —for Black women to tap into their power essence without waiting for anyone else to validate or help them understand because the power lies within the core of who we are.

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