Tank-top wearing Ohio judge booted from the bench for misconduct, lack of decorum

The Ohio Supreme Court on Tuesday removed from the bench a Cleveland municipal judge for misconduct that included lies, disrespectful treatment, falsifying court documents and wearing tank tops and spandex shorts in court.

Judge Pinkey S. Carr was indefinitely suspended, and she agreed to undergo evaluations for her mental and physical health.

The court said that Carr's bench was littered with junk, dolls, cups and novelty items − her own attorney described it as "resembling a flea market." She wore tank tops, T-shirts, spandex shorts and sneakers to court. And she discussed with staff and defendants a television show called “P-Valley” about a fictional Mississippi strip club.

Carr joked about accepting kickbacks for lenient sentences if defendants gave her food, beverages, carpeting or storage space. She referred to her bailiff as "Miss Puddin from P-Valley."

The judge conducted court business "in a manner befitting a game show host," investigators said.

In addition to a lack of decorum, Carr was found to have violated a long list of other rules:

  • Failed to reschedule her cases in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic when court activity was suspended.

  • Issued arrest warrants for defendants who didn't show up for court, when the court was supposed to be closed.

  • "Rewarded" one defendant for being "brave enough to come to court" by waiving fines and rescinding warrants.

  • Conducted hearings without the prosecutor present, stating once "The prosecutor's not here. Let's see how much we can get away with."

  • Recommended pleas to unrepresented defendants.

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This article originally appeared on The Columbus Dispatch: Ohio judge removed from the bench for misconduct, lack of decorum