Taller, Better, Faster, Stronger

National Journal

Hotline founder Doug Bailey has a favorite story: When he pitched this new product 25 years ago, everyone wanted to know how he planned to deliver the most comprehensive political coverage in America. Fax? they would ask. What's a fax?

-- For a quarter century, Hotline has brought you campaigns and elections coverage from around the country. We were faxing before faxing was cool, and we were emailing back in the age of AOL and CompuServe. Now, we're evolving again, in an effort to deliver the news you need faster and more efficiently.

-- Starting today, you'll get each day's Latest Edition in your inbox at 11:45 a.m. You'll get the latest news and analysis from Hotline's stable of regional analysts in what we hope is a more manageable, more readable format. We're still combing more than 700 media outlets around the country to make sure you have the smartest takes on the races you need to follow; we're just delivering it in a more efficient way.

-- But our coverage doesn't stop with Latest Edition. On Hotline's homepage, you'll find an updated dashboard for every race and candidate in the country. The seamless new interface will continuously and comprehensively track the latest polls, press and social media metrics that matter in politics.

From all of us at The Hotline, thanks for reading. Please let us know what you think, and how we can better serve you. Even if it means faxing over each day's Hotline.
-- Reid Wilson, Editor in Chief