Taiwan singer Aaron Yan surprises accuser at press conference, apologizes for leaked sex tapes

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Taiwanese singer and actor Aaron Yan made a surprise appearance at the press conference of TikToker Raku to apologize for their leaked sex tapes and his “immaturity” in their past relationship.

Raku’s revelation: Raku, whose first name is Yao-le, held a press conference in Taipei on Wednesday, the day after he revealed on Instagram that the man he was with in the leaked sex tapes was Yan.

"I lost my virginity to you at 16. During that time, you attempted to film our sexual acts, which was my only bottom line. I completely refused, and you made a promise to me not to do it again," Raku, 22, wrote on Instagram.

"You often woke up first, saw me still sleeping, and penetrated me without considering my feelings," he added. "I thought this was the path a relationship should take. The worst thing was that when I was not paying attention, you still secretly filmed us, leading to the leak that destroyed my life."

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About the ex-couple: Raku and Yan, 37, met each other in 2017 when Raku was only 16 years old — the minimum age of consent to engage in sexual relations in Taiwan. Raku claimed that Yan filmed an intimate video of them without his consent in 2018. The subsequent leaking of the ex-couple’s sex tape online led Raku to drop out of high school due to his struggles with coping with the traumatic experience.

Raku also revealed that Yan was dating other men during the duration of their relationship, leading Yan and Raku to break up about half a year later.

"During our relationship, I once received a midnight call from someone else you were dating," Raku shared. "They questioned my relationship with you and claimed they were your real boyfriend. You told me they were crazy and not to pay them any mind. Foolishly, I still believed you."

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Yan’s response: Upon Raku’s revelation on Instagram, Yan took to Facebook on Tuesday to apologize. He started off by thanking Raku “for speaking out” and for “giving [him] a chance to face the ticking time bomb that has always scared [him]."

“I am not proud of my past self. In terms of love, I have many deviations and distorted practices,” Yan wrote. He also admitted to their previous relationship, in which he had helped Raku find a house and pay his rent.

“At that time, I neglected to communicate, and neglected a lot of things. I didn't have the ability or wisdom to handle the breakup well,” he continued before noting that he did not voluntarily release their sex video.

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The Taiwanese celebrity claimed that the video was leaked after he went to have his phone repaired one day. He also claimed that he carried out an investigation and asked a lawyer to help remove the video. He concluded by expressing his willingness to face his previous mistakes.

At the press conference: Raku avoided making eye contact with Yan as he made a surprise appearance at his press conference to apologize in person.

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“I wanted to sincerely apologize to you here, for letting you face situations that you shouldn't have to handle at your age. I am really sorry. I am sorry,” Yan said, adding that Raku may contact him if he wishes to.

Before leaving the conference, Yan told reporters that he “absolutely did not secretly film [Raku],” and that he “did not do anything against anyone's will.”

Apology not accepted: At the press conference, Raku told reporters that he is not willing to accept Yan’s apology.

“I felt that his apology shouldn't have come only after I revealed his actions,” Raku said.

I think this is a really sad point. He said in his post yesterday that he has been trying to change himself over the past few years, but change for what? Towards other victims? Or am I not important? Or what? I feel that to only apologize after the whole thing was revealed, the apology is not sincere and there is no need for that.