Prefab Bunkie: Cute Little House-Shaped Sleeping Cottage

Bunkies are a kind of Canadian (at least in Ontario) slang for a small cabin, and the inspiration for this rather adorable compact cottage for short-term stays.

Made primarily from CNC-cut plywood, the concept is a collaboration between 608 Design and BLDG Workshop. Its construction follows principles of built-ins and furniture rather than stick-frame architecture.

A rigid shell allows two ends to remain entirely glazed. A fold-down bed is complimented by fold-out furniture so the structure can be easily converted between day and night use (and open-floor-plan adaptability) with a still-minimal site footprint.

The shape is reflective of the conceptual goal, looking more like an extruded home model than an actual frame-and-cladding house - a neat effect that sets it apart visually from conventional homes or cabins, while still providing a nod to domestic traditions.

From sixoeight: "It leverages both architecture and furniture design by making a bold statement in form and function. The small space is under 100sqft so no building permit, can be shipped on flatbed truck and operates in 3 modes: Open, Play and Sleep"

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