Own a secret submarine base in Norway for $17.3 million

A former secret submarine base used by NATO in Norway can be yours for $17.3 million.
Photo: The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency

The Royal Norwegian Navy has put up a secret, mountainside submarine base for sale... and judging by what it looks like, it would work both as a superhero hideout and as a supervillain lair.

Officially called the Olavsvern Naval Base, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) spent $494 million building it back in 1967.

But don't let that amount deter you from dreaming about owning this clandestine base, superheroes- and supervillains-wannabe: the Navy is selling it for the low, low price of $17.3 million.

This is a very cool place to dock your fleet of ships.
Photo: The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency

The full above-ground space measures 13,500 square meters, including the opening at the side of the mountain. It's the 25,000-square meter space within the mountain that makes it oh-so-interesting, though. While you'll find mundane rooms like ordinary offices inside the property, it also has a dry dock for submarines and boats as well as a tunnel system, because no hideout or lair is ever complete without them.

This is the perfect place to showcase high-quality, Norwegian wood furniture.
Photo: The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency

The Olavsvern base is steeped in history, having been used by NATO and the Norwegian Navy for a span of 50 years. It also served as the headquarters for the U.S. forces in the region during the Cold War.

Norway and NATO spent a half a billion dollars to build this facility. Now it's a great storage place.
Photo: The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency

The military left the base completely in 2002, and it was turned into what's probably the most-intriguing (and expensive) storage room in existence.