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Like any design element, window coverings have come a long way in the last few years. From busy and big to simple and straightforward. But one fun new look in window coverings is anything but simple: it is bold and beautiful eye candy.

I’m talking about the fun graphic prints that are popping up in window draperies. This look is not for the faint of heart, and it can pack enough punch that even a simple room will have you spellbound. This graphic style works in any room, from bedroom to living room and dare I even say a nursery? It is easy to add this graphic element to your room with panel draperies, but it would also look just as intriguing on a roman shade hidden slightly behind a simple panel.

Whatever look you like, there are many options to add pop to your windows and many great examples, so I thought it would be fun to take you on a visual tour of some of these new prints.

The beautiful bedroom above reads casually modern because of the not-so-simple choice of drapery. This singular strong pattern makes all the difference for the room. Even when the panel is gathered to the side of the window and the full pattern is not visible, you can tell that something interesting is going on. The fabrics’ black circles on a white background create a bold diamond-shape pattern and they easily give the room a cool and contemporary look. The major contrast that the draperies have brings your eye right to them.

Another bold element that has been popping up on windows is chevron patterns. Chevrons in and of themselves are not new, but this graphic representation applied to draperies is definitely not your average answer for windows. The sunny yellow used on these drapes also add cheeriness to the room and make a formal space feel more inviting.

Similar to chevrons because of their graphic nature but with a life of their own, large-scale horizontal stripes have a huge impact on your design. I love how the image above took a hint from the furniture and added black stripes, helping them to feel grounded. Interestingly, as strong as this stripe is, the pop of red on the sofa and lampshade help to balance out the look. The overall effect is striking and not overbearing.

These stripes, while still every bit as graphic and fun as the drapes above, are just a little less dramatic for those of you who want to try this look but don’t want a screaming loud statement! The neutral palette is a fabulous choice, and the drapes are really livable. These stripes are also a great option for the do-it-yourself kind of person. I have seen these stripes painted on to plain white canvas fabric. What a great use for the leftover wall paint! (just be sure to protect your floors when you paint.)

Lastly, large-scale patterns of traditional themes are also an exciting look. Like this modern play on a paisley print, which harks back to traditional, but with a fun factor. These prints feel a little less intimidating while still bringing some excitement and whimsy to a room. By keeping the color palette simple, it is an easy addition for any room.

That concludes our tour. I hope that you beef up the fun quotient in your life and give this look a try.

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