Throwback time: Bridget Fonda and Danny Elfman buy time capsule in L.A.

Throwback time: Bridget Fonda and Danny Elfman buy time capsule in L.A.

Oh, those textured walls — that stone fireplace surround — the wet bar with scalloped wood overhang. The wood paneling, the speckled (pocked? lumpy?) bathroom tile, the wallpapered built-in cabinets (the wallpapered EVerything), the wall-mounted barrels with taps.

We hardly know where to look. We can hardly stop looking! (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.)

Bridget Fonda and her husband, Danny Elfman, bought this 4,500-square-foot time capsule in Los Angeles' Fremont Place neighborhood next door to their longtime home, Variety magazine reports. The area is part of a historic preservation zone, so thankfully (to our mind) this apparently won't be a teardown like so many in Los Angeles. (RIP, Ray Bradbury and your dandelion-yellow house.) The house, built a century ago, clearly has been updated ... though possibly not in the last couple of decades.

From all appearances, it was a bidding war: The house was on the market just 18 days before it was pending sale, with the closing less than a month after that. Fonda and Elfman paid $3.6 million, considerably more than the $2,990,000 asking price.

Turquoise sink, aggressively papered walls.
Turquoise sink, aggressively papered walls.

Variety calls the interior "utterly preposterous," but we don't know — we sort of like the wet bar's "impossibly ugly carved wood canopy." It reminds us of the frozen-in-time home that newlywed Joseph Gordon-Levitt bought a couple of months back, complete with its own prodigious wet bar, scalloped wood trim and eclectically colored bathroom sink (JGL's was pink; Fonda and Elfman get turquoise).

The upright piano tucked into one corner must appeal to Elfman, one of Hollywood's go-to composers.

Speaking of throwbacks, whatever happened to Bridget Fonda?

She's from the famous acting dynasty — dad Peter; his sister Jane; their father, Henry — but has not appeared onscreen since 2002. We were unable even to find a photograph of her more recent than 2009, when Aunt Jane posted pictures from the annual "Casa El Fondaman" Christmas party thrown by Elfman and Fonda at their Fremont Place home. In 2013, a fan asked Jane Fonda on her blog where Bridget Fonda is now, and her aunt replied: "She married the always-busy creative genius Danny Elfman and has a young son, and that is consuming her heart and soul and time."

Bridget Fonda bought the first Fremont Place home in late 2000, according to Variety, for a little over $2 million. She and Elfman married in 2003 and have one child, a 10-year-old son named Oliver.

Click here or on a photo for a slideshow of the time capsule house that Bridget Fonda and Danny Elfman bought.

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