Michael Moore's decidedly non-99% mansion in Michigan hits market at $5.2M

Michael Moore's decidedly non-99% mansion in Michigan hits market at $5.2M
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Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker and liberal iconoclast Michael Moore has just listed his lake-fronting mansion in Michigan for $5.2 million.

The home featured prominently in news reports last summer about his ugly divorce from his wife of 20-plus years, Kathleen Glynn. This is from Yahoo Celebrity's report:

"All that [contention] pales in comparison, however, to the sprawling mansion in Torch Lake, which we're pretty sure Moore wishes he could just burn to the ground at this point. (He can't.) Still, he's doing everything in his power to distance himself from that piece of architecture. Citing 'massive cost overruns,' he argues that the home cost five times what his ex claimed it would and caused significant financial strain. His filings also include six scathing stories published in 2011 about the residence, which attack the filmmaker for this display of wealth and, in one way or another, call him a hypocrite.

"Moore does acknowledge that he signed many of the checks related to the property, but he swears he only did this to help his ex after she told him she was having money troubles back in 2011 (which, to be clear, would be after they had split, according to Moore's timeline). Regardless of the circumstances that led him to handling these checks, he firmly pins the blame on Glynn, referring to the residence as 'her Torch Lake home' in the docs."

Those six acutely embarrassing stories, for the record, were:

"Mansion begs the question: Is Michael Moore a Hypocrite?"
"Critic tweaks Occupy Wall Street supporter Michael Moore for Torch Lake manse"
"Exclusive photos: Michael Moore's massive Michigan vacation mansion beyond 99 percent's wildest dreams"
"Luxury 99 per cent of Americans can only dream of...Michael Moore's stunning waterfront mansion revealed"
"Mansion puts Moore in 1%"
"Michael Moore’s $2M hypocrite house: film director lives like the 1% he condemns"

Back then it was estimated to be worth around $2 million -- less than half what he's asking now.

The new listing is the most extensive look yet into the mansion, which has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms in about 11,000 square feet of living space. Its 3.6 acres include 300 feet of waterfront on Torch Lake in Central Lake, Michigan.

Moore and his wife bought the property in December 1995 for $290,000 and built the mansion in 2010. Some reports have suggested that their disagreements over the mansion might have contributed to the breakup of their marriage.

Click here or on a photo for a slideshow of Michael Moore's mansion on Michigan's Torch Lake.

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