Jesse Pinkman's 'Breaking Bad' house is on the market (with intact bathtub)

Jesse Pinkman's 'Breaking Bad' house is on the market (with intact bathtub)

By Sid Lipsey

"Lovely colonial Spanish home. Four bedrooms. Perfect for raising a family — or for cooking meth, hosting all-night raves and disposing of the bodies of rival drug dealers..."

OK, maybe that's not how the real listing reads. But the Albuquerque house that doubled as the home of meth maker Walter White's sidekick, Jesse Pinkman, on TV's celebrated "Breaking Bad" is up for sale. According to the listing on the home's site,, the two-story Spanish Colonial offers four bedrooms, 3,500 square feet and eternal bragging rights for one lucky "Breaking Bad" fan. Make that one wealthy "Breaking Bad" fan: The place is listed for $1.6 million. Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.


"It's a beautiful luxury house in a great, desirable area in Albuquerque that really doesn't have meth houses — that we know about," jokes Alicia Feil Peterson, who is the listing agent for the home along with her business partner and mother, Susan Feil.

A "Breaking Bad" fan herself, Peterson knows the pivotal role this home played in the series. "The house almost becomes a character in the most celebrated series of all time," she tells Yahoo Homes. "Breaking Bad" famously shot on location in Albuquerque during its five-season run and spent more than a little time filming at this house. "They shot some [interior] scenes in the house and then over time they built a set to replicate the interior of the home," says Peterson. Click here for a slideshow.

"Breaking Bad" fans will remember this is the home Jesse inherited from his late aunt, and then later bought out from under his estranged parents:

It's the setting of some of the more memorable scenes from the show: the living room was where a depressed Jesse hosted all-night drug parties; the basement was where Walt White killed one drug dealer with a bicycle lock; and we'd rather not get into what happened in the upstairs bathroom when Jesse tried to dispose of another drug dealer. Gross.

Fortunately, the real-life house cleaned up well (and the bathtub is intact). "I'm happy to report that in reality it's just a wonderful family neighborhood," Peterson says of the home, which is located off Historic Route 66 in the Albuquerque Country Club neighborhood. "It's a family home built by Leon Watson, a really well-known builder in Albuquerque."

Throughout the home you'll notice nice decorative touches that may have escaped your attention amid the bleak depravity of the show: the new clay tile roof, stucco work, original wood floors and ironwork. Many of the flourishes are from a recent renovation that blended the new with the old. "The home was seamlessly remodeled," Peterson says. "It still maintains the architectural integrity and all the beautiful details and charm and does not at all interfere with the historic roots and style." (Click here for slideshow.)

But of course, this house's main appeal is its link to "Breaking Bad" history:

This house, like many of the other famous "Breaking Bad" locations in Albuquerque, is a major tourist attraction. "As I'm talking to you, a group of five kids just got of a car to take selfies," Peterson says. The current owners have taken the last few years of "Breaking Bad"-related attention in stride, although Peterson says "there are times when they'd probably appreciate having their privacy back." (At least no one's throwing pizzas on top of their roof.)

Chances are, the next person who buys this house will be just fine with owning a bit of "Breaking Bad" history.

Even better, Peterson and her mother have also listed another "Breaking Bad" property: the sprawling modern home used as the home of Walt's wealthy former friends Gretchen and Elliott in the series finale. That home is going for $2.65 million (and, no, the pile of money Walt left on the coffee table doesn't come with it). It's pictured in Yahoo Homes' slideshow too.

But Jesse's home is the better bargain and, frankly, the better house for a "Breaking Bad" fan. If you're lucky enough to buy it, no one will blame you if you want to close the door, shut the windows and yell out a celebratory "YEAH, B**CH!!!" in a tribute to the house's fictional former owner.

Click here or on a photo for a slideshow of Jesse Pinkman's house from "Breaking Bad," now on the market for $1.2 million.

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