Every state's most expensive home

Every state's most expensive home
CLICK PHOTO FOR SLIDESHOW. Alabama's priciest estate is guitar-shaped.
CLICK PHOTO FOR SLIDESHOW. Alabama's priciest estate is guitar-shaped.

By Catherine Sherman, Zillow

Curious what luxury living looks like near you? Or how many millions it costs? Check out our gallery, showing the most expensive home in every state in the nation.

Zillow pulled the priciest single-family homes on its website — no working ranches or empty parcels — for an apples-to-apples comparison across the country. (Note that all of these homes are publicly listed for anyone wanting a virtual tour. We excluded "pocket-listed" high-end homes that aren’t on the Multiple Listing Service and are shown by appointment only.)

Our slideshow of states is arranged alphabetically, but if we'd arranged them by price, here are the states that would have come out on top:

10. Texas, $37.5 million
9. Nevada, $39.75 million
8. Rhode Island, $45 million
7. Georgia, $48 million
6. New Hampshire, $49 million
5. Colorado, $59 million
4. Connecticut, $65 million
3. Florida, $139 million
2. New York, $140 million
1. California, $195 million

And these are the states that topped out at the lowest points:

50. North Dakota, $2.849 million
49. South Dakota, $3 million
48. Mississippi, $3.8 million
47. Arkansas, $4.25 million
46. Nebraska, $4.5 million
45. Alaska, $4.8 million
44. West Virginia, $4.495 million
43. Kansas, $5.75 million
42. Kentucky: $6.5 million
41. Delaware: $6.7 million

Click here or on a photo for a slideshow of the most expensive home for sale in each of the 50 states, arranged alphabetically.

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