Eminem’s Detroit home, seen on 2 album covers, available for … free, basically

The house where Eminem lived as a teenager -- at 19946 Dresden in northeastern Detroit, a couple of blocks south of 8 Mile Road -- is for sale.

Well, not really for "sale," exactly. It's essentially free to any folks who can make a good case for how they'd take care of it. There's no minimum bid, which means you could have it for $1 via an online application to the public Michigan Land Bank (parcel number 21034756). Or, as Curbed Detroit bluntly words it: "Because they're the saddest properties imaginable, MLB listings are open to bids of any dollar amount."

This is the home pictured on rapper Eminem's third studio album, "The Marshall Mathers LP," and he revealed last weekend that the same home is also the cover of the upcoming "Marshall Mathers LP 2," due out Nov. 5.

The Detroit Free Press reports that his mother bought the house in 1987. From 1994 to 2001, "the property changed hands about 10 times," the newspaper says, and then the county foreclosed because of unpaid taxes. It was offered at auction for $500 but had no takers, so it was turned over to the Michigan Land Bank.

“In a case like this, if the property is blighted, or the whole neighborhood is blighted, it would be unusual to get a buyer,” Michigan Land Bank Executive Director Kim Homan told the paper. “Nobody knew it was Eminem’s home, either.”

Eminem moved a lot with his mother before he left home, so this is just one of many places in the Detroit area where he lived. But judging from the album covers, it's the house that he considers the closest thing to the home of his youth.

Interested in buying it? Caveat emptor: As Curbed Detroit notes with some understatement, "the neighborhood doesn't seem to be doing that well."