Dream homes are a tough sell

·Homes Editor

It's hard enough creating your dream home.

Now try selling your dream to someone else.

What? Not everyone wants a saloon with velvet wallpaper?

Or turrets and a drawbridge?

You don't say.

The Wall Street Journal talked to homeowners who have taken big risks in tailoring their abodes to their own unique tastes.

Nineteen-year-old art student Cassidy George took a paintbrush dipped in black paint to the walls of her $2.8 million Manhattan (purchased "with help from her parents," the Journal says) -- including its exposed brick. She's not too worried about preserving it for resale: "The neighborhoods where I want to live are the ones that are really going up in value."

Her agent was less sanguine, pointing out that black paint is very hard to remove from exposed brick. "That resale is going to take a very unique buyer," she told the Journal.

Still, experts confirm that in really hot areas, wealthy buyers are willing to put up with just about anything.

After all, they can always tear it down.