Amazing cat furniture will have your cat climbing the walls and ceiling

When good cats die, is this where they go?

Maybe not, but you can create a heaven on Earth for Snowball. Hauspanther, the "premiere [sic] online magazine for design-conscious cat people" (we didn't know such a publication existed), dug up a German company called Goldtatze (translation: Gold Paw) that makes these wall-, ceiling- and otherwise -mounted climbing furniture for the pampered felines in your life. Since its appearance on Hauspanther, the furniture has been building online momentum on social networks, and we can see why.

The furniture is modular and endlessly configurable, so pricing varies widely and depends on the length of the bridges and so forth. The cat hammock pictured at the top left, to give one example, costs 286 euros in an unfinished surface, or about $400; a meter-long suspension bridge is about $50.

We emailed the creator, Stefan Hofmann, and learned that he'll ship worldwide; just email him at (His reply to us was in German, but we were able to piece together its meaning pretty clearly using an online translator.) He says he's working on an English-language site and plans for direct sales in the U.S.

Hofmann told us that he was inspired to build the furniture when he adopted his first cat, Tiggi, from a shelter in 2006. He couldn't find attractive cat furniture that he liked, but he's a trained carpenter, so he designed and made his own -- and, he says there was "a nice side effect": More floor space for the humans again. Later, Püppi and Pepita joined the feline family.

We also asked whether Hofmann had any advice for potential DIYers. Keep the project small-scale to start, he advised. Also, consider your cat's preferences. "Window seats are always in high demand," he said. And if you're ambitious enough to tackle a bridge, he says to remember that shorter bridges are probably better for cautious cats, since a longer bridge wobbles more.

If you do buy from Goldtatze or build your own Goldtatze-inspired furniture, please share pictures after you've installed your cat heaven! You can submit photos to our Flickr group (, or you can reach us by email at

(Via PSFK. Yahoo Homes updated this post Jan. 19 with Stefan Hofmann's responses.)

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