A Minecraft fan's epic frame-by-frame re-creation of promo video for Notch's new mansion

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You knew it couldn't be long.

The other day, we brought you news that Minecraft creator Notch (born Markus Persson) had outbid Beyonce and Jay-Z for Los Angeles' most extreme house, at 1181 Hillcrest Road in Beverly Hills' Trousdale Estates neighborhood.

It was practically a given that the Steves of this world would soon be hard at work replicating Notch's $70 million mansion in Minecraft.

What we didn't anticipate was this lovingly designed frame-by-frame reproduction of the mansion's promotional video. It's missing a few details -- the babes, the James Dean motorcycle replica, the Dom Perignon bottles -- but we think you'll agree that it's impressively meticulous nonetheless. Thanks to a shaders mod, you'll even see water reflections (and catch glimpses of your tour conductor Steve).

The small inset video is the real promotional video; the large frame is, of course, the Minecraft re-creation.

It was accomplished by Dan Bovey of boveybrawlers on Planet Minecraft, who promises that a download will be coming soon.

In case you missed it, here's our slideshow of Notch's new $70 million mansion (the most ever paid in Beverly Hills):

Via Curbed via Polygon


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