Tacopina’s mistrial motion in E. Jean Carroll suit is part of ‘laying the groundwork for an appeal’

A Manhattan judge denied the request of former President Donald Trump’s lawyers to declare a mistrial in a civil rape and defamation suit brought by E. Jean Carroll. NBC News Senior Legal Correspondent Laura Jarrett joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss what this means for the case. “The idea was that some of his rulings hadn't been favorable to the defense team. Joe Tacopina filed it early this morning, undoubtedly knowing that he wasn't going to win it, but he's laying the groundwork for an appeal,” Jarrett says. “And so they have to make a record of all the evidentiary objections that were sustained and that the judge didn't go for. The judge didn’t even explain why he denied the mistrial motion. It was just done sort of in a cursory manner this morning, and everyone kept going.”