Tacoma Hilltop Link Light Rail extension to open this weekend!

The Hilltop Link Light Rail extension will open on Saturday! We got a preview of the extension on Wednesday.

The extension will double the length of the T-line with a total of seven new stops between Old City Hall and Saint Joseph Medical Center.

It’s a project that took years of planning and was even hit by several delays.

The T-line will connect the Stadium District, Wright Park, and medical facilities to the downtown area and the Tacoma Dome.

In December, Sound Transit’s CEO delayed the project due to issues on the tracks. And the project’s total cost rose from an estimated $217 million to almost $283 million.

The trains will run Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. with later start times on the weekends.

To ride you can use your ORCA card, or purchase a paper ticket.