Taco Bell manager saves choking babies life in drive-thru

Taco Bell manager saves choking babies life in drive-thru

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Taco Bell manager sprung into action, saving the life of a choking infant in the drive-thru line of a Pennsylvania Taco Bell, NBC News reports.

The moment, caught on video, shows mother Natasha Long pull her 11-week-old child from the back seat as he was struggling to breathe.

Long’s son, Myles, was born with a rare syndrome involving his airway and breathing and was not responding to his mothers efforts.

As Long cried out for help, Taco Bell manager Becky Arbaugh runs into frame and began giving Myles CPR.

“I just kept saying it’s okay, he’s fine. He’s gonna breathe. He’s fine. He will breathe. He’s totally fine,” Arbaugh told NBC News. “And she’s like, I can’t lose him.”

Arbaugh’s intervention got Myles breathing again before paramedics arrived.

Arbaugh told NBC News she had a similar experience with one of her four children years ago and that prepared her for this moment.

“Just a mom helping a mom. I didn’t do anything different from what anyone else shouldn’t be doing,” Arbaugh said.

“I knew how that was and I heard it and I felt it instantly and I had to go and help because I knew it’s painful. It’s… you’re just so helpless as a mom when that happens.”

Baby Myles is recovering but will need surgery to improve his quality of life and prevent something like this in the future, NBC News reported.

In a statement to NBC News, Taco Bell said it was incredibly proud of Arbaugh’s actions.

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