AT&T stores reportedly giving BlackBerry the short shrift at launch

Brad Reed
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AT&T BlackBerry Z10
AT&T BlackBerry Z10

AT&T (T) may be pushing alternatives to the iPhone, but that doesn’t mean one of those alternatives will be BlackBerry (BBRY). The Wall Street Journal reports that two AT&T stores in Manhattan on Friday featured “neither special signs nor floor displays” to highlight BlackBerry’s flagship Z10 smartphone on its first day of availability in the United States. And this apparently wasn’t just a New York problem either, as the Journal reports that an AT&T store in San Francisco didn’t have any sort of display for the Z10 upon opening Friday and only brought out a Z10 for public viewing after a customer asked for it. When the San Francisco store finally did put up a display for the Z10, the Journal says that it was “at a back corner of the store, away from a large sign advertising the iPhone 5.”

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