AT&T prepping $5-per-day pass for data on tablets

Jacob Siegal
New report rips a hole into AT&T’s justification for throttling its ‘unlimited’ data users

AT&T is making a play to offer data on its tablets without forcing users to subscribe to a data plan. AllThingsD reports that AT&T announced a $5-per-day cellular data pass for tablets at GigaOm’s Mobilize conference on Thursday. Wi-Fi only tablets make up the vast majority of sales for AT&T, but by offering users limited, affordable options to access data without making a long-term commitment, AT&T hopes to tip the scales back in favor of data-enabled tablets. The $5 option gives the user access to 250MB of data for 24 hours, and a $25 option grants 1GB of data for use at any time over a 3 month period. AT&T senior VP Chris Penrose added that including data on a tablet costs less than ever before for the vendors, and eventually hopes to “see tablet manufacturers build just one tablet” rather than building Wi-Fi-only models and LTE models separately.

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