T-Mobile may be the wireless industry’s ‘little engine that could’

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T-Mobile Subscriber Growth Analysis
T-Mobile Subscriber Growth Analysis

Is T-Mobile’s recent subscriber growth a flash in the pan or is it part of a sustainable trend? Per Barron’s, Credit Suisse analyst Joseph Mastrogiovanni thinks that T-Mobile’s new “uncarrier” initiative is the real deal and that it will help the company see sustained subscriber growth going forward. In dubbing T-Mobile “the little engine that could,” Mastrogiovanni writes that the carrier is poised for stronger post-iPhone success than Sprint because it has a stronger network now than Sprint did when it launched the iPhone and it is being much more aggressive in its pricing and marketing than Sprint was. 

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Mastrogiovanni even goes so far as to call T-Mobile a potential acquisition for Sprint, which will look to aggressively build its network strength after being acquired by Japanese carrier SoftBank.

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“T-Mobile is the last remaining sizable wireless acquisition opportunity in the United States,” he writes. “We believe that Sprint remains interested in consolidation and could eventually look to acquire T-Mobile if it can get comfortable with the administration’s outlook on a reduction in the number of national carriers.”

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