T-Mobile iPhone 5 prices revealed for 32GB and 64GB models

Dan Graziano

T-Mobile iPhone 5 Prices
T-Mobile iPhone 5 Prices

T-Mobile announced earlier this week that it will offer the iPhone 5 for the first time ever next month. The company revealed that the 16GB model will cost $99 down and $20 a month for 24 months for a grand total of $579, compared to Apple’s (AAPL) price of $649. T-Mobile said that it would offer a full line up of iPhone devices, however the company did not disclose additional pricing information at its press event on Tuesday.

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According to TmoNews, the carrier has confirmed that it will offer the 32GB and 64GB models online only. The 32GB option will be priced at $199 down and monthly payments of $20 for 24 months, while the 64GB model will require a down payment of $299 and payments of $20 a month for 24 months. The total comes to $679 for the 32GB model and $779 for the 64GB option, both considerably less than Apple’s price of $749 and $849 respectively.

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The iPhone 5 will be available for T-Mobile customers online and in stores on April 12th.

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