T-Mobile to cut 401 jobs at Bellevue HQ amid nationwide layoffs

T-Mobile will be laying off 401 of its employees at its Bellevue headquarters, as part of larger companywide cuts announced last week.

The company plans to cut 5,000 jobs across the United States in the coming months, largely focused on corporate roles. That comprises roughly 7% of its total workforce.

“This is a large change, and an unusual one for our company,” CEO Michael Sievert wrote in an email to employees last week. “Because of this, we do not envision making additional largescale reductions across the company again in the foreseeable future.”

It’s estimated that roughly 5,300 employees work at T-Mobile’s Bellevue offices. The cuts there will take effect on Oct. 24.

Workers who are laid off will get severance based on their time with the company, 60 days of transition leave, and career transition services.

This comes amid cuts at virtually every major tech giant, including Washington-based companies like Amazon and Microsoft.