AT&T is just not willing to lose your family plan to T-Mobile without a fight

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In a clear response to T-Mobile’s recent ‘Uncarrier’ moves that may convince many families to ditch their current carriers, AT&T on Saturday announced a new family plan that’s ready to offer “incredible savings for families.” For $130 per month, AT&T will offer families unlimited voice and text messages for two lines as well as 10GB of shared data. Families can then add more lines for $15/line per month, with a maximum cap at 10 lines per plan – however, these are monthly charges available for off-contract smartphones, while on-contract devices will cost $40/line per month.

The carrier says that with a new Mobile Share Value plan, a family of four would pay $160 per month, getting all the perks mentioned above, while a plan on Verizon that offer the same amount of data would cost the same family $260 a month. In a video promo of the new plans, AT&T says that customers who switch from other carriers could save up to $1,600. Furthermore, AT&T says that its current family plans customers that switch up to a plan that offers at least 10GB of shared data will save anywhere from $40 to $100 per month depending on the plan they’re currently on.

AT&T is also offering a $100 bill credit for each new line of service added – including smartphones, tablets, feature phones, mobile hotspots or AT&T home phones – although the offer will only be available until March 31.

“These new plans give customers what they want – our best-ever prices on a best-in-class network,” AT&T chief marketing officer David Christopher said. “We’re making it easy for families who want it all – great service, great value and big bucket of data to share.”

In addition to families that are already on AT&T, the new plan is also available to customers that switch from other carriers but also to small businesses. A promo video for the new AT&T family plan follows below.

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