‘I can’t die at Wingstop’: Victim talks after brazen attack

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — An Antioch Wingstop employee is speaking out for the first time since a brutal attack where she was tackled to the ground and beat with a metal pole.

Earlier this month, an attack caught on video showed two individuals breaking into the back kitchen of the Wingstop located on Hamilton Crossing. The victim said she was changing oil and as she returned to the kitchen, the two demanded money, but wouldn’t let her grab her phone for the code to the safe.

During the incident, she heard the male tell the female with him to “just shoot her.” Instead, the female allegedly took the victim’s keys and wallet and left.

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“I was thinking about, ‘I can’t die at Wingstop,’” the victim said. “They continued to hit me with a pole, and he was hitting me with his fists and next thing I know, all I heard was, ‘Just shoot her. Just shoot her,’ and then they ran out the back door.”

Minutes later, the victim was discovered by family members coming in the store, including her 3-year-old grandson.

“He saw just like blood coming from my arm and he comes to me, but he’s weary because he doesn’t know if he’s going to hurt me or what,” the victim said.

She’s since been released from the hospital with head, arm, and hand injuries. On Sunday, police arrested Antonio Jefferson who, according to an affidavit, has been arrested 36 other times for charges ranging from murder to rape. He’s now charged with aggravated robbery with a weapon.

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The Wingstop employee of eight years is scared to return home, knowing the suspects have her house key and address from her wallet. She didn’t want her identity shared out of fear for her safety. However, her general manager, who has since quit Wingstop, felt compelled to speak up on her behalf.

“God’s got plans for him, and it ain’t going to be here,” former Wingstop General Manager Shaquwan Simmons said.

He’s also frustrated with the justice system.

“For somebody to roam the streets like that, that has that much animosity and could put their hands on a female, they don’t care. They don’t care about life, they don’t care about anything, they don’t care about themselves from what it seems like,” Simmons said.

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Jefferson is being held on a $136,000 bond and the victim hopes he actually stays behind bars. She said she won’t be able to breathe easily until the female involved is also taken into custody.

“I just don’t want to be scared anymore because knowing they’re still out there when I go back to work, are they going to come in again or what?” she asked.

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